*“I had back pain for 4 weeks and missed 2 weeks of work. At first I thought it was just a strained muscle, but the pain kept on. My brother told me to go to the Newberry Clinic and get checked. I got in right away and got treatment on the same day. Now, I am able to work and do my regular stuff without any more back pain. The Doc and Staff are outstanding.”
Charles G.

*“I started having severe pain in my back about a month ago. I thought my pains were caused by scoliosis. The pains were getting so bad that it interfered with standing and sitting. Most important, though, I was having difficulty playing with my grandchildren.

I heard about the Newberry Clinic, PA through my local chamber of commerce and decided to make an appointment. After seeing Dr. Fernandez and all the friendly and caring staff I am now pain- free! The rehab exercise is helping strengthening my muscles to help prevent future problems.”
Debbie M.

*“​I had been bothered by low back and left side pain for 10-12 years. As a pilot for a major airline, I found myself squirming for a comfortable position, even placing my fist behind my back to gain relief on my long flights. At home I hated sweeping, cooking and just standing in the kitchen; I dreaded doing any chore because I hurt. My pains would come and go but progressively got worse.

At one point I couldn’t get up from a couch and had to have a friend help me up. My friend said that I should see a chiropractor. I drove by the Newberry Clinic regularly and knew about the clinic for years. I was stopped at the intersection next to the clinic soon after getting stuck on my couch and decided I had to do something, so I walked in.

​The staff was wonderful, kind and efficient. I started care and treatment right away. My appointments are always on schedule. The doctors do an awesome job and are eager to answer any question. Since starting my care I simply feel better. My back doesn’t hurt like it used to I breathe better, my skin looks better and my sinuses are better. I just can’t explain how overall I feel like a human being again! I have more energy and even sleep better. My results have been amazing.”
Debbie O.

*“I have had neck and back pain for the last 30 years as a result of car accidents and falls from horses in my younger years.

​The pains have caused low energy and irritability. However, I went to Newberry Clinic and saw one of their doctors. He is simply the best.

I arrive for appointments with 100% confidences that he will completely align me. As a result my chiropractic care at the Newberry Clinic I have increased energy and many pain free days.”
Mary Ann A.

*“I have had chiropractic treatment for my neck and back since 1978. Recently my back pains were getting so bad that it interfered with my gardening. I went to the Newberry Clinic for help. The doctors and staff were very kind and explained my problems to me and recommended the treatment and therapy I needed. Since then, I have more energy and feel much better.

Now, I go once a month, but when I overdo it or lift more than I should, the staff gets me in right away to see a doctor.”
Diane M.

*“I was having pain in my legs and lower back because of a ruptured disc suffered back in my late twenties. My pains began slowly and gradually started interrupting my sleep. I ended up sleeping in a recliner to elevate my legs and attempt to give me some relief so I could sleep. My neighbor told me about Newberry Clinic so I made an appointment.

​I quickly found that the doctors were very caring and wanted to work with me to put me on the path to recovery. Now, I can sleep in a regular bed because of no leg pain or back pain. I now know that I will use the doctors at the Newberry Clinic for chiropractic adjustments if my pain ever returns.”
Janie H.

*“I am eternally grateful to you and the entire staff for being instrumental in changing my life for the better.

Prior to making the decision early this year to try chiropractic therapy, I was and have been experiencing chronic pain since my pre-teen years (I will be 37 years old in a few days). As time went by, the migraines, cluster headaches and tension headaches just continued to pile on in frequency and intensity.

Numerous medical tests and diagnosis proved fruitless in determining the cause of and solution to my symptoms. I have even tried changing my diet, incorporating cardiovascular exercise and resistance training, regular body detoxification and alternative/holistic therapies--all to no avail. I was facing two choices: either live with the pain, or take long-term drugs (along with the many side-effects) that will only serve to mask the symptoms but not deal with the source of the problem.

Long story short, before the start of the therapy program, I was experiencing three straight weeks of cluster headaches. At the end of the therapy program, I am virtually pain-and symptom-free! I never thought this day would arrive, but this day is now a reality. You and the facility are truly a Godsend.

I want to mention and thank specific individual who were part of my journey to total natural healing. Dr. Fernandaz & Dr Lukes--for taking the time to answer my questions and for their excellent adjustments. Kim--for taking the time to explain to me the details of the x-ray procedure. Danielle--for taking the time to explain to me the payment and insurance details. Matt--for the outstanding rehab sessions and just an all-around nice guy to work with. Lina--for taking the extra mile to accommodate my preferred schedule. Veronica--for the fabulous massage therapy sessions. And last but not least, Dr. Newberry--for helping me stay positive during the 'down' days and for having consistent confidence that I would experience and soon arrive at optimal healing and relief.

Thank you, thank and thank you--for the natural healing the way God intended!”
Michael R.V.

*“Coming to the Newberry Clinic has been a life changing experience. When I first came to Newberry Clinic, I was experiencing a lot of pain, being disabled with a condition called Fibromyalgia; I have had symptoms for years. This condition changed my life; I was 90% bed ridden at one time. After seeing MDs and going to the ER for treatment, I had little hope.

From the moment I entered the Newberry Clinic, the office staff was amazing. I was treated with compassion and respect. I now live a manageable life. I am even able to work part time, socialize and I now have a smile back on my face. I am so grateful that I came to Newberry Clinic and they were able to give me my life back.”
Leslie B.

*“For as long as I can remember I have always had sinus problems and as I reached my late teens I started experiencing upper back and neck pain pretty frequently. I started seeing Dr. Senechal regularly and every time I came in to see her she was always smiling and her adjustments were effective and smooth. Some doctors who I’ve seen in the past were too rough and would leave me really sore after the adjustment. Dr. Senechal also gave me advice on things to avoid at the gym so that I didn’t strain my neck, as well as easy exercises I can do to strengthen my neck. After seeing her for just a few weeks my allergies improved as well as my neck and back pain. I went from having sinus infections two to three times a year to not having them at all. I strongly recommend her to anyone who’s seeking chiropractic care!”
Jessie W.

*“Over a year ago I began having severe neuropathy of my legs and thighs and due to the weakness I fell several times. At that point I went to two different neurologists and had many tests including MRI’s, X-Rays, and Electromylagrams. Neither of the neurologists could tell me the cause of my problems. . Me being 84 years old didn’t seem to lend any urgency on their part.

After a few months of feeling bad and laying around all day vegetating, I decided to go to a chiropractor even though I had never been to one and didn’t know what to expect. My son recommended Dr. Newberry. He told me that Dr. Newberry was great and that he had a lot of faith in him.

After checking my records Dr. Newberry had a conference with me to discuss what we could do. He was so upbeat and positive that I felt better already. As the treatments progressed I kept slowly feeling better. The entire staff was friendly and caring. You get the feeling that they are care about you and cheer as you make progress.

I think I have improved by 80%. I walk a mile every day (without falling) and I feel like I got my life back. Thank you, Dr. Newberry and your wonderful staff.”
Katherine T.

*“About 14 years ago, I fell and hurt my left shoulder. I could not move my arm away from my body without severe pain. A neighbor suggested I see a chiropractor and recommended Dr. Newberry. At this point I was willing to try anything. I was not familiar with chiropractics and being an R.N. did not help. However, I was smart enough to realize I needed someone who could fix the problem rather than just treat the symptoms. I also knew I had some chronic neck and back problems which caused periodic pain. So... my introduction to Doctor Newberry and his clinic.

After some X-rays and a consultation with Dr. Newberry he suggested a plan of care which made sense to me. This did not alleviate my fear of the adjustments. On the first few visits I was so tense Doc could not even touch me. Finely I relaxed some, I trusted, and after a fairly short time I was as good as new. I decided to take care of my muscular/ skeletal system just as I would any other dysfunctional system in my body. Thus, the beginning of a pain free much more functional life. Unfortunately, I was in a auto accident a few years later which played havoc with my chronic problems,. But as a patient who has the availability of deep massage, numerous therapy machines each with a specific function, Doctors and trained staff who are caring and always willing to accommodate, healing to ones highest potential is always possible.

Presently, my body tells one when to make a maintenance appointment which is usually 4 to 6 weeks. I love the first part of my plan of care each and every time; A GREAT BIG BEAR HUG FROM DOCTOR NEWBERRY.”
Audrey D.

*“I was experiencing migraines, neck weakness and tingling in the arm. I was afraid I would not be able to go on with daily living activities. I felt like my neck was so weak, I couldn’t hold my head up. It was hard to make it through 8 hours of work. I thought I would have to quit. Even sleeping at night was not comfortable.

I then started to go to Newberry Clinic. Dr. Newberry and his staff were great (very compassionate). I was introduced to the decompression machine. After about 25 sessions I feel back to normal. No headaches, tingling or neck weakness.

I am grateful for spinal decompression and you, Dr. Newberry!”
Sonia P.

*“I’m a chronic migraine sufferer. I’ve lived with migraines almost all of my life. I came here one day in severe pain after seeing a Neurologist, Family Practitioner, Pain Specialist and Physical Therapist without any relief. Within 2 weeks of treatment the migraines/symptoms were gone. This is the first time in my life without chronic migraines. I still get migraines from time to time. I immediately call the office, get seen by the chiropractic team and within a day I’m healed. I am only 29 and was on 5 prescription drugs and now I’m on 2. Basically my life has changed so much; I was feeling depressed, tired of living in chronic pain and exhausted. Now I’m back living a normal life without pain.”
Clay R.

*“My 7 month old was having trouble sleeping and was fairly gassy so I called to see if Dr. Newberry was comfortable adjusting newborns. They assured me he adjusts his own kids and grandkids so we started coming regularly and pretty soon he started sleeping more and more comfortably.

Dr. Newberry makes him feel at ease and he never even cries when getting adjusted. My now 1year old still gets adjusted once a week. I started care for myself because of long term neck pain and headaches. I was getting massages trying to relieve the pain. Nothing worked long term. I am now feeling tremendously better and have more movement in my neck and have fewer headaches. We love this office. The staff is as friendly as it gets!!”
D. & M.

*“Excellent chiropractor! Dr. Hann is amazing with gymnasts (kids/teens). Would not go anywhere else! Lena at the front desk is so friendly and accommodating! Angie is knowledgeable and so kind! They explaine everything and your not left guessing!”
Michelle S. G.

*“Newberry Clinic took great care of me and they worked with my crazy schedule.”
T-Fey D.

*“Dr Newberry and staff are the best around. From time you walk in until the time you leave you will be treated like family. Dr Newberry take the time needed to talk to you and explains everything very well. He is also up to date on all the latest medical studies and treatment. I highly recommend him to anyone.”
Chuck C.

*“After 20+ years ago breaking my back. I have seen most chiropractors in Polk county. Dr Newberry is by far the best. Doesn't sugar coat it, he gets it done and back in place.”
Rod H.

*“Such Amazing service each and every time. Always willing to accommodate to my busy schedule. Dr. Hann is very attentive and patient and has helped me through this long road to recovery.”
Rita R. A.

*“They are the best! Everyone is friendly and soon become like family! They are very caring and really do their best to make you better! I wish chiropractors could be someones primary care dr. Because dr. Hann would be mine!

The chiropractors, therapist(angie), rehab(kenny&matt) and ALL personals are fantabulous! THANKS FOR ALL EACH ONE OF YOU DO!! GOD BLESS!!”
Patty M.

*“Dr. Newberry and his team are very caring and professional. Personalized care and genuine concern for your well being is what Dr. Newberry and his staff provide each treatment. Dr. Hann also deserves a personal shout out.”
John H.

*“The ENTIRE staff at The Newberry Clinic is top notch. I have received Physical Therapy and Chiropractic care all over the world and they are the best.”
Wynand V.D.B.

*“Friendly staff and great doctors, 5 stars, they make you feel like family everytime”
Trey M.

*“Dr. Newberry & all of his team are Fabulous! They are all courteous, professional, friendly and truly care about their patients. They have helped me tremendously and I would highly recommend them!”
Janet S.B.

*“Friendly staff and great doctor's. Understood me very well”
Mary M.K.

*“The Newberry Clinic team keep me feeling great! Thank you Dr. Gary Newberry.”
Michael M.

*“All of the staff are wonderful. I would recommend them to everyone. They do a great job”
Kim S.

*“Dr. Hann is AMAZING!!! I recommend him to everyone! He's a miracle worker!”
Lisa J.F.

*“We absolutely LOVE the staff at Newberry Clinic. They are WONDERFUL!!”
Lori M.H.

*“AWESOME place! AWESOME people!AWESOME service! Thank you so much!”
Pam G.

*“Always honest answers to my questions.”
Virginia L.R.

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